You’d have missed this comment because it was uploaded yesterday under this blog post from April 2021. In that post I wrote about how slow the Maltese judicial process can be. Lassan Cisse was killed for sport in April 2019. Two soldiers were charged with his murder and were released on bail while waiting trial. Given the fact that this was state officials being charged with what is, without any doubt, a racially motivated murder, I argued that the state needed to ensure timely justice.

Dave Alan Caruana commented yesterday that my post was now two and a half years old. Here is his comment:

2 1/2 years have passed since this article was written. Very much by chance, Lorin Scicluna and Francesco Fenech were mentioned in court today, in the course of asking for bail for another alleged murderer, Roderick Cassar.

A quick session on Google shows that the last Lassana Cisse was mentioned was about a year ago when authorisation to send his remains home was obtained, after a protest was held.

It seems that nothing has happened since about the trial though, and the alleged murderers are still at loose, ‘on bail’.

Timely justice? In Malta? Forget it!

That was worth remembering.