You lose some

2023-10-06T14:59:30+02:00Fri, 6th Oct '23, 14:59|

The Constitutional Court turned down a case I filed, complaining that a court decision finding me responsible for libel breached my right to free expression. The case goes back some years. I wrote a post about how Malta should have an anti-mafia law. In that article I was explaining the meaning of omertà and said [...]

Someone must pay for this

2023-10-06T13:33:55+02:00Fri, 6th Oct '23, 13:33|

The industrial tribunal, chaired by Anna Mallia of all people, found Jonathan Ferris was unlawfully fired by the FIAU. He was dismissed during his probation period just days after the general election of 2017. People think that during probation they can fire someone with impunity. It’s not like that. You cannot fire someone during probation [...]

Incentives to learning

2023-10-06T12:40:29+02:00Fri, 6th Oct '23, 12:40|

This is going to feel like a cop-out though it’s not meant to be. I think the government is right to provide incentives, even monetary incentives, to encourage students to choose academic programs that yield a greater return to the economy. There are, no doubt, more reasons than merely wealth that should go into deciding [...]

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