GUEST POST: Injury, insult and a whole lot more

2023-10-23T11:43:55+02:00Mon, 23rd Oct '23, 11:43|

So the Court of Appeals has pronounced itself on the Vitals/Steward Case, finding that, as everybody with half a brain cell knew, the whole deal was based on fraud. The ruling went further than that of the lower court, finding evidence of active collusion on the part of the Government officials involved. In addition, the [...]

Appeals Court finds “collusion of senior government officials” in hospitals sale; confirms Steward out

2023-10-23T10:37:37+02:00Mon, 23rd Oct '23, 10:37|

The Appeals Court confirmed a lower court’s decision that Steward Health Care are to be thrown out and Karin Grech, Gozo General, and St Luke’s hospitals are to go back to the Maltese public. The Appeals Court departed from the first court’s decision, saying this wasn’t just a case of private interests cheating idiots working [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Winter is coming

2023-10-23T06:04:48+02:00Mon, 23rd Oct '23, 06:04|

From my article in The Sunday Times yesterday:   "In November 2021, Times of Malta reported that Muscat received fat payments from a Swiss company, which in turn received millions from Steward Healthcare when they acquired the hospitals with his blessing. You see, VGH could not sell on the hospitals without the government’s permission. Under [...]

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