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There was something Robert Abela said in Parliament when he was reacting to yesterday’s Court of Appeal decision that really blew my top off. Watch this from his speech in Parliament yesterday. I want to transcribe and translate what he said: “If a judge does not decide how they want them to, they and civil [...]

The what and why of dereliction of duty

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Yesterday’s ruling was not handed down by a criminal court. The Court of Appeal conceded an argument brought by Stewart that the first court last February behaved as if it was a criminal court or spoke in its ruling in a way that blurred the lines. The Court of Appeal yesterday rubbed out aspects of [...]

Winter is here

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The government’s statement after the most senior judges of the land ruled that “senior government officials” colluded in a fraud “to pump money from the nation’s coffers to the pockets of VGH” was as flaccid as a cold bath. ‘We didn’t wait for the sentence to take control of the hospitals,’ they squealed apparently congratulating [...]

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