THE SUNDAY TIMES: The fog that comes from somewhere

2023-10-29T08:56:37+01:00Sun, 29th Oct '23, 08:56|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Yorgen Fenech will walk, if out of nine jurors hearing his case enough of them allow themselves to be conditioned by inherent prejudices of a regular Labour Party voter. That’s at least half of them. A few of the other half might be politically inclined to wish [...]

Proposed media reform is “disappointing” – activists

2023-10-29T08:51:35+01:00Sun, 29th Oct '23, 08:51|

The following is a statement issued by the Media Reform Initiative, a group I'm in which is made up of journalists Monique Agius, human rights lawyer and academic Therese Comodini Cachia, and journalists and academics Joe Borg and Natalino Fenech . The Media Reform Initiative affirms that it is very disappointing that the proposals in [...]

GUEST POST: Robert Aquilina, you are not alone

2023-10-29T08:44:54+01:00Sun, 29th Oct '23, 08:44|

Robert Aquilina has been repeatedly asking, even through his lawyer, for protection for himself and for his family. The Police Commissioner, who has been well aware of the threats Dr Aquilina has been receiving, should have ordered this protection without being asked. And there weren't only threats. There has been an attempt of forced entry [...]

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