Wake Up!

2023-10-25T09:58:09+02:00Wed, 25th Oct '23, 09:58|

Statement by #occupyjustice: Earlier this evening, #occupyjustice activists sent a message to Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa’ asking him to wake up from his permanent slumber and arrest the true traitors of Malta, following yesterday’s Appeal Court ruling confirming “the suspicion that the intention behind the concession to VGH/Steward was not the improvement of medical services [...]

Everybody wins

2023-10-25T09:53:57+02:00Wed, 25th Oct '23, 09:53|

When truth is optional, and facts are redundant, everyone can celebrate at the end of a match. Even the fallen boxer, well past the 10th count, can tell everyone they’ve won. It’s incredible how all the parties heartily condemned by the Appeals Court over the hospitals debacle have been congratulating themselves for their heroic failures. [...]

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