From my article in yesterday’s The Sunday Times:

“The inquiry Repubblika star­ted four years ago is, by defi­nition, four years old. It’s bound to wrap up at some point and people, such as a couple of other newspapers last week, have been speculating that it’s nearing completion. It is hard to imagine that an inquiry that has looked into this stuff has missed the meteor rushing towards the government. All the clues, and more we can’t have seen without the powers of subpoena that the inquiry enjoys, point to the conclusion that Muscat must be very, very uncomfortable right now.

“Gafà’s behaviour is very familiar. His refusal to investigate “while the inquiry is ongoing” has no basis in law. On the contrary, it ignores the legal obligation of the police to act on every suspicion of crime, especially serious crime. There are no gods in our law but Gafà treats Muscat as one.

“The big question will be how Buttigieg, the attorney general, will act next.”

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