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GUEST POST: The policy of appeasement

2019-12-11T14:23:39+01:00Wed, 11th Dec '19, 14:23|

Neville Chamberlain was Britain’s prime minister from the 28th May 1937 to 10th May 1940.  He is mostly remembered, pejoratively, for his policy of appeasement, previously espoused by his successors Ramsay MacDonald and Stanley Baldwin. Faced by the inexorable rise of the ugly soul of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, Britain’s prime ministers, notably Chamberlain, [...]

GUEST POST: The Most Serene Republic of Malta

2019-12-11T10:51:31+01:00Wed, 11th Dec '19, 10:51|

As an uncompromising republican, perhaps this is a good time to say that just because I publish a guest post does not necessarily mean I agree with all the guest author says. This one is by Aaron de Giorgio, who is not as committed to the republic as I am. The Oxford English dictionary defines [...]

GUEST POST: Crooks, villains, pimps and scoundrels

2019-12-05T07:59:51+01:00Thu, 5th Dec '19, 07:59|

In 2015, Daphne Caruana Galizia reported that Economy Minister Chris Cardona was squatting in a luxury apartment owned by Silvan Fenech, cousin of the man who is now charged with masterminding her assassination, Yorgen Fenech. Dr Muscat had rightly duelled with Finance Minister Tonio Fenech in 2009 after then Minister Fenech travelled to watch a [...]

GUEST POST: Tangentopoli 2

2019-12-02T13:05:40+01:00Mon, 2nd Dec '19, 13:05|

Penal responsibility is personal. On 17th February 1992, Italian Judge Antonio Di Pietro ordered the arrest of Mario Chiesa for accepting a bribe from a Milan cleaning firm.  It looked like a low-level isolated minor charge.  As it happened, however, Chiesa was a member of the centre-left Italian Socialist Party (PSI), and, PSI’s leader Bettino [...]

GUEST POST: Time to Rock the Block

2019-12-01T08:59:47+01:00Sun, 1st Dec '19, 08:59|

I used the same title when I wrote a front-page article for The Voice, which was the Malta university students’ newspaper, I believe in 1999 or 2000.  I was Editor-in-Chief then and believed I could change the world.  There was blatant corruption in the way top positions at the Junior College were being permanently occupied [...]

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