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Diminished ambitions

2023-12-07T06:01:21+01:00Wed, 6th Dec '23, 13:16|

In March 2021, the Maltese government was desperate to convince the Financial Action Task Force to remove Malta from the list of "grey", untrustworthy, financial jurisdictions. One of the most important targets set to the Maltese government was to show they were serious about recovering assets from criminals. The logic is that criminals want to [...]

Embezzling bananas

2023-12-04T08:31:34+01:00Mon, 4th Dec '23, 08:31|

It is true that where people are involved the temptation of corruption is present and the possibility that it occurs is inescapable. It doesn’t get better if it’s more sophisticated. But it can be somehow worse if it is cheaply and brazenly done. A kickback on the back of some major public contract laundered through [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Speaking for the victims

2023-12-04T07:57:53+01:00Mon, 4th Dec '23, 07:57|

From my article in The Sunday Times yesterday: "Never has the gap between the thinking of the government and the thinking of civil society about what to do with corruption been wider than it is now. We think about victims and how to alleviate the hardship they suffer because of the greed of the few [...]

1. Parliament above government

2023-12-04T07:53:43+01:00Mon, 4th Dec '23, 07:53|

This is a series of clips summarising our 20 proposals for a cleaner republic. They're co-produced with online news service Bonġu. Here's the first one. Given the time of year we're calling it an alternative Christmas calendar.

Those poor boys

2023-11-30T09:40:01+01:00Thu, 30th Nov '23, 09:40|

If you don’t know the story of Amara, Abdul, and Abdalla, you’ve been living under a rock. Their long-drawn-out torture continues now that Attorney General Victoria Buttigieg decided to serve them with an indictment for terrorism and unlawful arrest that is punishable with a life sentence. All they did was translate between captain and passengers [...]

LONG READ: Shed a tear for the mafia

2023-11-29T14:04:00+01:00Wed, 29th Nov '23, 14:04|

It feels like the pain of grey-listing by the FATF is well and truly forgotten. Malta’s pretence at fighting financial crime is being retired. Jonathan Attard, flanked by Judge Antonio Mizzi, announced a raft of measures to reduce the tools the law gave, up to now, to prosecutors to fight money laundering. Those tools are [...]

Creative evasions

2023-11-29T12:44:55+01:00Wed, 29th Nov '23, 12:44|

Ministers would like nothing better than for journalists to stay indoors. Few newsrooms can afford to have journalists lying in wait for politicians who do not pick up the phone. Unfortunately for politicians the Parliament building does not have an underground car park so sometimes ministers can’t avoid annoying questions. For just those situations they [...]

Partisan impartiality

2023-11-28T08:45:11+01:00Tue, 28th Nov '23, 08:45|

Sometimes you only spot the odd things after they’re gone. Consider this esoteric detail of small time Ħamrun politics. A Labour Councillor resigned without a formal announcement. The Council, the Labour Party, and the Councillor herself said bugger all. We came to know of her resignation because the Electoral Commission announced the election of her [...]

Secrets against the public interest

2023-11-27T10:00:27+01:00Mon, 27th Nov '23, 10:00|

Look at this Facebook post by Jason Azzopardi this morning. It’s another situation of a magisterial inquiry finding that people have a case to answer but, perhaps because of the serious political repercussions of prosecuting the case, the Attorney General, Victoria Buttigieg, has done nothing about. In theory the process of conducting and filing an [...]

Another one goes

2023-11-27T09:16:58+01:00Mon, 27th Nov '23, 09:16|

The authorities announced that Philip Galea Farrugia and four other lawyers will be appointed magistrates shortly. Philip Galea Farrugia is the Deputy Attorney General who prosecuted the Degiorgio brothers. When it came to trial there was only time for his opening presentation. When he finished and it was time for the jury to start hearing [...]

Back your children’s teachers

2023-11-27T09:45:50+01:00Mon, 27th Nov '23, 08:27|

I don’t know how generous is the “generous” offer the government made to teachers. I may not be a fan of every tactical choice the MUT makes. I know that whatever the offer teachers have and whatever methods their union resorts to, to force the offer upwards somewhat, the final deal will be a far [...]

He’s thinking seriously, he said. Which makes a change.

2023-11-24T09:34:03+01:00Fri, 24th Nov '23, 09:34|

Robert Abela reacted to a suggestion from the Parliamentary Speaker Anġlu Farrugia by saying he’s “seriously considering” it. The qualifier ‘seriously’ is either over-compensation or a slip of the tongue betraying the prime minister’s habit of treating suggestions from others with utter contempt. Back story. That grotesque man-child Clayton Bartolo sits on Parliament’s Public Accounts [...]

A duck you very much to Joseph Muscat

2023-11-22T07:58:28+01:00Wed, 22nd Nov '23, 07:58|

After yesterday’s session hearing his case to have Magistrate Gabriella Vella removed from the inquiry into corruption in the privatisation of three hospitals, Joseph Muscat predictably went to Facebook, his favourite court room. He picked on a couple of issues, one of which was an answer he got from Robert Aquilina, Repubblika’s president, who was [...]

Ministerial mistrust

2023-11-21T16:05:44+01:00Tue, 21st Nov '23, 16:05|

Read this report of a justification, such as it is, that tourism minister Clayton Bartolo gave for going back on the government’s promise of publishing a report into spending by the Malta Film Commission. Clayton Bartolo departs from the stock excuses the government uses to cover up information. You know the ones: ‘it’s commercially sensitive’, [...]

The puppet master

2023-11-21T15:37:39+01:00Tue, 21st Nov '23, 15:37|

Joseph Muscat was in court again today in pursuit of his effort to get a court to remove Magistrate Gabriella Vella from the inquiry that Repubblika asked into corruption in the hospitals privatisation. The man thinks what everybody else thinks: that any face value appraisal of the evidence places him as a suspect in some [...]

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