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Daphne Foundation: “the government failed to implement inquiry recommendations save one”

2022-07-29T09:02:02+02:00Fri, 29th Jul '22, 09:02|

A report published by the foundation set up by Daphne Caruana Galizia’s family found that  “five years after Caruana Galizia’s assassination and one year since the publication of the Public Inquiry report there has been hardly any concrete action or meaningful legislative proposal to provide an enabling environment for journalists.” “Without urgent action from the [...]

The Daphne Inquiry: a year after

2022-07-28T08:38:10+02:00Wed, 27th Jul '22, 11:50|

The following is a summary of the recommendations that followed the conclusions of the Daphne Caruana Galizia inquiry published a year ago. The left column quotes extracts from the English translation of the recommendations prepared and published by the Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation. The traffic light symbol in the middle categorises the state of implementation [...]

Bullet fee

2022-07-25T14:54:48+02:00Mon, 25th Jul '22, 14:54|

Repubblika this morning challenged in court AG Victoria Buttigieg’s failure to prosecute Pilatus Bank’s owner and directors. In another courtroom her staff were being lambasted for “rushing” to prosecute the bank itself and a middle manager who worked at the bank, when prosecutors clearly have no idea what they need to do or what they [...]

Cowardice of conviction

2022-07-21T10:54:05+02:00Thu, 21st Jul '22, 10:54|

PN MP Ivan Bartolo, who voted against the changes to the IVF law, made the observation in Parliament that the government gazette was claiming the president signed the bill adopted by parliament into law, when, Ivan Bartolo knew, George Vella hadn’t done so. The notice was pulled from the website, Times of Malta explained today, [...]

Judge Joe Azzopardi. Again.

2022-07-21T11:07:07+02:00Thu, 21st Jul '22, 10:22|

The former chief justice, Joe Azzopardi, is growing into the role of the go to guy for the government when they need an inquiry to smooth things over, Humphrey Appleby style. He has just been given the job of looking into the acquittal of Charles Mercieca and Gianluca Caruana Curran who were let off after [...]

Blind spots

2022-07-21T08:11:53+02:00Thu, 21st Jul '22, 08:11|

You would think that I am uploading this image to make fun of the national broadcaster for a typo. I would not do that. We all make mistakes. God knows I make plenty and typos are more of a regular occurrence on this blog than I'd like them to be. I'm using this image because [...]


2022-07-21T07:56:17+02:00Thu, 21st Jul '22, 07:56|

No one suggests that retired prime ministers should do like the abdicating kings of old. They don’t need to join a monastery and live out their dying years in ascetic contemplation. But that clip yesterday of Joseph Muscat walking down a street in Oxford with developer Michael Stivala, president of the Malta Developers Association shows [...]

PODCAST: Justice denied

2022-07-20T09:58:06+02:00Wed, 20th Jul '22, 09:57|

Manuel Delia · Justice Denied Robert Aquilina was in court yesterday pursuing a case started by Repubblika in 2020. The battle is drawn out, as court battles often are, and a bit like Douglas Adam’s computer that took 7.5 million years to compute an answer to a question that had by then been forgotten, by [...]

Joseph the Insufferable

2022-07-19T13:40:45+02:00Tue, 19th Jul '22, 13:40|

I almost miss Joseph the Unvanquished in Castille. After resigning in disgrace, he went through a phase of Joseph the Barely Remembered. This Joseph the Whining Cunt of Burmarrad is positively insufferable. He grasps on whatever he imagines to be any opportunity to repair his entirely ruined reputation and screams from the rooftop of his [...]

OSCE observers with fresh proposals for electoral reforms, after most 2017 recommendations ignored by Malta government

2022-07-19T08:44:00+02:00Tue, 19th Jul '22, 08:44|

Election observers from the Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe noted in a recent report that most of the recommendations from a mission observing the 2017 elections have been ignored by the Maltese authorities. They have repeated those recommendations and added new ones including in [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Popcorn muncher

2022-07-17T10:18:35+02:00Sun, 17th Jul '22, 10:18|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Robert Abela is a bit like the child who knows how to ingratiate himself with irate parents who have just punished their elder sibling. He flutters his lashes and rolls his doe eyes, projecting virginal innocence and making an unseemly effort to appear entirely different from his [...]

The cynicism is truly astounding

2022-07-15T15:17:17+02:00Fri, 15th Jul '22, 15:17|

This is what passed for coverage of yesterday’s court decision on the home page of TVM’s website. The report of the PN’s press conference includes a link to an earlier report published by TVM that summarises the court decision. They published that “fair” report hours after the decision was handed down, hours after all other [...]

Unbalanced TVM breaches freedom of expression, court rules

2022-07-14T12:55:13+02:00Thu, 14th Jul '22, 12:55|

The court today found the Broadcasting Authority breached its constitutional obligation to ensure impartiality in public broadcasting ordering the Authority and the state broadcasting company PBS to compensate the Nationalist Party. The PN complained about TV coverage on the national broadcasting station of the inauguration of the Marsa flyover saying it amounted to one-sided propaganda. [...]

Opening a new front

2022-07-13T16:32:40+02:00Wed, 13th Jul '22, 16:32|

A few weeks ago, the Court of Appeal overturned a decision by a lower court and found me responsible for causing moral damages to MaltaToday’s Raphael Vassallo with an article I had written in October 2019. The court ordered me to pay him €1,000 plus pay for his court costs for both stages of the [...]

Full marks for promises. Failure at keeping them.

2022-07-13T16:17:08+02:00Wed, 13th Jul '22, 16:17|

The EU Commission’s report on the state of the rule of law in Malta provides the government with enough quotes to continue its rather unseemly habit of congratulating itself for doing bugger all. There’s the implicit admission that the rule of law under Joseph Muscat was raped and pillaged. I say implicit because they don’t [...]

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