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If enough years go by

2022-05-03T05:36:19+02:00Mon, 2nd May '22, 12:41|

A court today ruled a journalist had substantially proven the allegations he had published against Neville Gafàin 2016. In the intervening time David Lindsey has left journalism and went on to do other things. The case against him was beset by delays. The magistrate hearing it got promoted causing delays in the case. The journalist’s [...]

Bulgaria court orders Jason Azzopardi to pay damages to Satabank owner in SLAPP suit over Parliament speech

2022-05-02T12:01:25+02:00Mon, 2nd May '22, 12:01|

A regional court in Varna has ordered Jason Azzopardi to pay Christo Georgiev, owner of the defunct Satabank, around €3,000 in damages and court fees after Georgiev’s SLAPP suit against Jason Azzopardi for remarks the then MP made in Parliament. Jason Azzopardi had not filed a defence in this case. Speaking to this website Jason [...]

Allegation Neville Gafà pocketed bribes to treat wounded Libyans “substantially proven”

2022-05-02T12:40:01+02:00Mon, 2nd May '22, 11:33|

A libel court has found in favour of a journalist in a libel case brought by former Joseph Muscat senior aide Neville Gafà. The court ruled that the journalist, then Malta Independent on Sunday editor David Lindsay, had proven in substance that it was true that Neville Gafà pocketed illegal payments from Libyan people wounded [...]

Flip the bird

2022-05-02T09:08:11+02:00Mon, 2nd May '22, 09:08|

Is there any universe where this piece of officialdom, utterly bereft of irony, certainly not intended as a criticism of China's human rights record, a memorial to the Tiananmen massacre, or a warning to Taiwan, makes for good street art or even an adequate "monument to commemorate 50 years of Malta-China relationship?"

The least eligible candidate

2022-05-02T09:02:56+02:00Mon, 2nd May '22, 09:02|

Read this from yesterday’s The Malta Independent on Sunday: In an interview with The Malta Independent on Sunday, Farrugia expressed his hope that if nominated, the Opposition would back him. “I have a great respect for many of the MPs and Bernard Grech himself, as they did a lot of good work in the previous [...]

Name the four evangelists

2022-05-02T08:55:04+02:00Mon, 2nd May '22, 08:55|

The title of this post was, a possibly apocryphal, question asked on a radio quiz show. The participant asked for a hint and the host told her one of the four was called John. Who were the other three? "Paul, George, and Ringo?" This video is not apocryphal.

But why do you do it?

2022-04-29T17:06:19+02:00Fri, 29th Apr '22, 17:06|

Opposition figures are gleefully posting posed photos taken with the government ministers they’ve been hired to shadow, grinning stupidly in front of a row of flags pretending to pose for official photos of international diplomacy. The difference they don’t seem to understand is that whether it is a photo of some visit between friendly countries [...]

Rosianne Cutajar found in “serious breach” of Council of Europe rules

2022-04-29T16:36:18+02:00Fri, 29th Apr '22, 16:36|

The Council of Europe’s committee on rules of procedure, immunities and institutional affairs found Rosianne Cutajar committed a serious breach of the Parliamentary Assembly’s code of conduct when she failed to mention that she had a “professional relationship” with Yorgen Fenech in a speech she gave at the Assembly when it debated a resolution on [...]

Commission proposes anti-SLAPP law “in the name of Daphne”

2022-04-27T13:22:25+02:00Wed, 27th Apr '22, 13:22|

European Commissioner Vera Jourova announced today a new EU directive to ensure courts in Europe have the power to dismiss at an early stage vexatious cross-border libel suits. The courts will be empowered to give journalists and activists targeted with cross-border SLAPP suits remedies and to penalise people who file abusive cross-border court cases aimed [...]

Government ignored CoE partner NGOs’ offer to assist with Daphne inquiry recommendations – report

2022-04-27T11:20:47+02:00Wed, 27th Apr '22, 11:20|

European press freedom NGOs reiterated their offer of technical assistance to the Maltese government and the Commission of Experts appointed by Prime Minister Robert Abela to implement the recommendations of the Daphne Caruana Galizia public inquiry. In their annual report on their activities to promote press freedom 15 international NGOs that partner with the Council [...]

Dalli’s second

2022-04-27T10:10:55+02:00Wed, 27th Apr '22, 10:10|

Alex Dalli’s former right hand man at the prison, Randolph Spiteri, has been forced to answer questions from journalists to justify his long vacation from prison duties. He insists he’s just using his accumulated vacation allowance and there’s nothing to suggest he’s being removed from his role in Kordin. Journalists don’t call up civil servants [...]

What right?

2022-04-27T14:29:18+02:00Wed, 27th Apr '22, 09:48|

A university academic with a doctorate in politics and a teaching post in public policy wrote an article about Edwin Vassallo and how too often he is underestimated, how the politician is exceptional in making no compromises with what he believes, and how he may yet unpleasantly surprise those who may have prematurely celebrated the [...]

A brown underclass

2022-04-25T12:13:27+02:00Mon, 25th Apr '22, 12:13|

Read this story on Times of Malta about South Asian bikers delivering your Bolt/Wolt food orders. They are overworked and underpaid. They don’t have enough time to rest. They’re made to pay for their employer’s business costs. If they want to keep up their income they must work even if they’re sick. The job is [...]

Unproven wrongdoing

2022-04-25T10:12:44+02:00Mon, 25th Apr '22, 10:12|

Bernard Grech’s most trusted adviser, Ray Bezzina, moved to the dB group to work for the construction magnate. If I’m honest the actual job move didn’t shock me. This country is pathologically (and mistakenly) averse to career political operatives and has a keen appetite for chopping heads. Ray Bezzina had no realistic hope of keeping [...]

The people also voted for an Opposition

2022-04-25T09:56:37+02:00Mon, 25th Apr '22, 09:56|

Someone asked me yesterday if I had read the interview Bernard Grech gave Times of Malta before writing my article published on the same edition of the newspaper. I hadn’t. But if my piece sounded like a reaction to the PN leader’s interview it’s only because immediately the general election result was out, Bernard Grech [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Between fighting and flying

2022-04-24T08:18:10+02:00Sun, 24th Apr '22, 08:18|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "The 2022 election result was a punch that hit the bruising still glowering from five years earlier. Once you face up to the fact that not even the killing of a journalist, the world’s condemnation, greylisting by international agencies, the ruling of three judges and the chaos [...]

A commitment like a strong, cleansing wind

2022-04-22T08:27:46+02:00Fri, 22nd Apr '22, 08:27|

You may have seen reports of Bishop Joseph Galea Curmi's homily at a mass held a few days ago in memory of Daphne Caruana Galizia. I think it's truly worth reading. Here's an English translation if that's easier for you to read. We have just commemorated the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. Pope Benedict [...]

Will no one protect us?

2022-04-21T12:12:28+02:00Thu, 21st Apr '22, 12:12|

The EU prosecutor briefed MEPs today about Member States’ ability and willingness to punish fraud and corruption using EU money. She has reasons to be frustrated. Denmark is not obliged to comply with the rules. A few countries have not signed up to allow the EU prosecutor to investigate their affairs. One of those countries, [...]

Asking for a stork

2022-04-21T10:20:35+02:00Thu, 21st Apr '22, 10:20|

If we have animal welfare laws, it’s because we have decided to grant animals rights. They have a right to welfare. If they are going to be eaten, we are to kill them “humanely”, that is without unnecessary cruelty. If they are going to be held captive as pets, we are to feed them and [...]

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