Franco Debono has been fuming that I should be sent (up to) 18 months in prison for comparing his determined return to politics to an unpleasant medical condition. Robert Musumeci, well known for having the PN’s interests at heart, has been advising the PN to bring back Franco Debono because of his “moderate voice” and “clear mind”. Hilarious.

Franco Debono’s cause of sending me to prison was, however, not moderate enough for Robert Musumeci. Musumeci spoke to Debono on Facebook to try to mollify him. Prison is not the answer, he said. There should be a state-structure for my re-education. It’s the Maoist Cultural Revolution for these pesky journalists, folks.

A few years of ping pong, forced labour on the people’s farms, ritualised public humiliation, and chanting about the greatness of our leaders should put me right. If not, there’s always prison.