The author is a University student with an obvious savviness for politics and contemporary communication. He sent me his observations in response to my earlier observations on the PN’s loss at the polls.

What we are forgetting today is how fast the world and society had progressed and shifted towards an age of social media, likes, looks and egos. Values and morality is a very rare thing. While PN has been trying to search for it’s soul way before the 2013 defeat, PL was getting ready to fill the gap on morality and eager to apply an over populistic, hay and sunshine to all approach. Another thing we are not taking seriously is the power of social media. While PN was inexistent on social media in 2013, it did a fair comeback in 2017, but in the meantime PL already a step ahead, had mastered the social media approach and kept in loop with the person in the street. PLs propaganda is huge, and people swallow it. Ekonomija..l-ghira may not be true in reality, but people like these words so they believe it. I’m impressed how PL has succeeded in filtering in all institutions and social groups. Take ‘kazini’ for example – they have become niches where PL satellites operate. House visits? No one from PN visited our home throughout the 1 month campaign, and neither prior to that. While I’m sure that you are as sceptical on the quality and quantity of the candidates we are fielding, what preparations have they been given to approach and understand people? Candidates need to go down into the village squares, bars, kazini, festi and understand people. Very few have understood this. Sponsoring posts on FB gives candidates a false sense of security that they are being backed because they won a few likes in an exchange for money via FBs sponsoring system, but in reality the results achieved in the elections prove the opposite. While there are many reasons, and I’m sure PL were lucky to be at the right place at the right time this time round, I fear the first for PN as times have changed from the post-EU era. New voters today can in no way or another associate themselves to the Eddie golden days..nor to the EU-2004 accession. Today FB does not grow with them, but they grow on FB. Critical thinking is rare, and majority of people accept everything as it is as long as money remains in their pocket. I genuinely believe that PN always had a honest interest to improve the state and quality of the country we live in, but as things stand I do not see it getting anywhere close anytime soon, especially with JM’s election winning machine.