Crisis of faith

Crisis of faith

I am not going to paste screenshots. I am not going to quote names. I am not going to link to Facebook profiles. It would be legitimate to do so but all I have left is the hope I am wrong and in case I am at least right about that, I don’t want to add to the harm.

From the comments and posts of some supporters of the Adrian Delia campaign, a chorus of disapproval of Daphne Caruana Galizia and her reporting has emerged in the last 48 hours. I should imagine she has expected no less and in any case she’s a big girl and does not need defending. The disgusting name calling, primeval misogyny and visceral hatred is nothing new to her. I doubt it hurts her any less or any more that the screaming mob baying for her blood supports the PN rather than the PL.

These people are not asking for the presentation of reassuring facts. They are instead running with a personal crusade to discredit the stories being published before anyone can even absorb them. The credibility of the author is dismissed for being motivated by a hidden agenda and controlled by a hidden hand.

This is how Joseph Muscat dealt with Daphne Caruana Galizia. And that is how the cohorts of his supporters fought their boss’s cause in the trenches of Facebook and the on line comment boards, the water cooler of our time, the Verdun of this generation.

It appears, from the comments and posts of some supporters of the Adrian Delia campaign that discrediting Daphne Caruana Galizia requires bolstering the credibility of her greatest nemeses.

So out they come in defence of Joseph Muscat.

I can only hope these Adrian Delia people who claim they “do not believe the Egrant story” are on rogue individual initiatives. But the Adrian Delia campaign should assure us, positively, that this is not a coordinated strategy.

It was spine-chilling yesterday on the so-called leadership debate on the PN TV station for the proto-fascist Frank Portelli to mimic the gesture of a person crushing parchment and tossing it in chimerical flames, an action which he rather prosaically described as ‘the rubbish heap of history’. He was operatically mimicking his imagined disposal of Daphne Caruana Galizia. Frank Portelli has no followers to speak of.

But Adrian Delia does and his campaign has nothing to benefit from its supporters repeating Portelli’s platitudes. Or improvising on them by spinning this notion that Portelli and Delia follow Joseph Muscat in the list of “victims” slandered by the journalist: that they “don’t believe in Egrant”.

Do we need to remind everyone again why Egrant is not a myth foisted on us, the credulous and the gullible, by a mind-bending sorceress?

Has anyone forgotten documentary evidence of Brian Tonna, Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi setting up 3 companies in Panama within 3 days of winning the 2013 election?

Has anyone forgotten the email from Brian Tonna’s junior partner advising Mossak Fonseca that Egrant needed to be set up for someone more sensitive and more important than Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi?

Has anyone forgotten that when the story was confirmed by the Panama leaks, Joseph Muscat did not fire Brian Tonna, Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi?

Has anyone forgotten the documented evidence of commissions paid into the accounts of Keith Schembri held at Pilatus bank from the sales of passports by Brian Tonna?

Has anyone forgotten the eye-witness account naming Joseph Muscat’s wife as the owner of Egrant and receiving a million dollars from a Dubai company owned by the Azerbaijani’s President’s daughter?

Has anyone forgotten the corroborated evidence in an unpublished but leaked FIAU report that reported on a million dollar transaction involving accounts held by politically exposed persons?

Has anyone forgotten Joseph Muscat flying without press and without any civil service presence to negotiate an oil deal personally and directly with the Azerbaijani President?

Has anyone forgotten findings published by the Auditor General that Konrad Mizzi’s intervention in oil procurement brought about massively disadvantageous purchase and we paid higher fuel prices as a result?

Does Daphne Caruana Galizia feature personally into any of this story except that she broke it first before all the other facts emerged anyway from multiple and corroborated sources?

And now, we ‘don’t believe Egrant’?

I am reminded of those clowns waving the Labour Party flag after their re-election last June celebrating in front of the Pilatus bank or taking selfies with Konrad Mizzi thanking Azerbaijan for Labour’s victory.

I remember wondering whether I was loyal to the PN that if Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri and Joseph Muscat belonged to my party and secured its re-election, I would gloss over the facts and pretend it does not matter what they do at Pilatus and with Egrant did not matter as long as we had won. And I knew I could never do that.

Do you know what the really funny thing is with what’s going on right now? These ‘heroes’, experiencing an epiphany of sorts in the last two days and claiming the Egrant affair was a figment of the imagination, are not glossing over the crimes of the other party, in a move they perversely and inexplicably believe is in the interest of the Nationalist Party.

Corruption is corruption is corruption and I would not give two hoots about the damage to the PN when I insist that anyone caught doing the wrong thing should be made to walk the plank.

But are these people really not seeing the irony of casting their new leader from the same mould as Joseph Muscat if they find that their new leader has been elected on the back of excusing Joseph Muscat for the Panama crimes?

Have they really bought in to the self-evidently idiotic notion that to beat Joseph Muscat we need to fight him with a clone of his?

  • Norman Vella

    Egrant in 3 minutes (in Maltese):

    • Jon Borg

      Says it all.

  • Marija il-maltija

    “Have they really bought in to the self-evidently idiotic notion that to beat Joseph Muscat we need to fight him with a clone of his?”

    They have….look at the posts and comments on fb, and you’ll see that they certainly have.

    • Franġiska

      Tal-biki. Lanqas qatt ma kont nemminha li n-nazzjonalisti wkoll libsu ghamad u qed jimxu b’ghajnjehom mghottija. U l-ebda parir ma jidher li se jbiddlillhom fhemthom!

  • The Sting

    Excellent post. Finally someone calling an idiot, an idiot.

    • Be Valiant

      An idiot calling an idiot, an idiot. Is that not like a Pot calling a Kettle black ?

      • The Sting

        No it’s like calling a spade a spade. Straightforward without hypocrisy.

        • Be Valiant

          And if they are both broken plastic spades ?

  • Victor Cassar

    If none of these four contestants are ready to war the egrant issue than none of them are worthy to be the pn leader. So far they showed themselves compromisersbwhich will get pn nowhere .are we to do what we do at kanzunetta ewropa and make a mess once again . Egrant is alive for those who arebof goodwill. Winning the next election is not thebprimary goal .finding pn is not a lier is .

    • Franġiska

      100% agree.

    • Be Valiant

      So you do not want to win the next election ? Dritt gol hajt

      • C. Brincat

        Not at any cost.

        You dont fight evil with evil.

        • Be Valiant

          Last time I checked out Adrian I could not see horns and a spiked tail. Not even a trident in sight. Though I must say, that Nikki of his is smokin’ hot. but still no sulphur around.

          • C. Brincat

            Neither does Joseph Muscat, but there you go.

  • Joseph Spiteri

    Very interesting writing Manuel. I am very disappointed that Adrian Delia’s campaign has reached such low levels.

  • Johno G

    Very well said,exactly my thoughts

  • Pebbles

    L-ewwel bl-arroganza li nippretendu li ahna nafu kollox u taghna biss tajjeb…gerrixna n-nies u telqu mal-labour. Issa qed nippruvaw naghmlu l-istess bejn kandidati ghal kap tal-partit stess?
    Inkredibbli…l-arroganza! X’tahsbu li inthom razza superjuri?
    Ghallinqas kunu leali lejn il-verita tal-fatti u titfghux dubji. X’qed tippretendu li ghax gurnalist / blogger jaghmel allegazzjoni u johrog storja (kumbinazzjoni qabel l-ewwel dibattitu u l-votazzjoni tal-kunsilliera)…il-persuna msemmija nitfuha l-habs?
    Ghalfejn kontra kandidat wiehed? Ghalfejn dawn l-alleanzi ma min ghamel hsara lill-partit basta nkissru persuna?
    Xbajna bil-politika tan-negattivita u tal-attakki ko-ordinati fuq kollox.
    U iva l-glieda kontra l-korruzzjoni trid tkompli bis-sahha kolla anzi iktar.
    Adrian Delia ga wera lest jiggieled il-korruzzjoni bis-sahha, fil-football ga ghamilha u bla rizorsi ta’ xejn!
    Jekk il-maggoranza tat-tesserati iridu mod gdid, qieghdin taghmlu zball kbir min irid imur kontra x-xewqa taghhom. Jekk l-ghazla tkun ohra b’mod nadif u demokratiku, so bit it…kulhadd wara l-kap il-gdid.

  • doreen debono

    Manuel, you have rightly been convinced of Adrian’s unsuitability. But surely you realise that none of the other 2 (I’m ignoring Portelli, as he’s a charlatan, a rogue and a turncoat, who shouldn’t have been allowed to step into the Stamperija, let alone contest) has what it takes. So PLEASE convince all Councillors to invalidate their vote as a sign of no-confidence in all 4, after which they’ll hopefully have the good sense to withdraw. The Party needs an interim phase until a new leadership EMERGES. And emerge it will, but once the earth is fertile, once the rains come. These things shouldn’t be rushed unduly.

    • Be Valiant

      Dream on loser

  • Sa Pace

    Well-said Manuel Delia. I can feel the exasperation in your writing. What worries me most is that the facebook comments rubbishing Caruana Galizia sound way too much like Super One. Could it really be Keith Schembri is actively rooting for Adrian Delia?

    • Franġiska

      Jista’ jkun imma naf uhud minn dawk li qed jghaddu l-kummenti li huma nazzjonalisti. Imma nahseb tal-isem. Jidher li hafna nisa specjalment, donnu Delia ippnotizzahom ghax bisilhom idejhom.

      • Be Valiant

        misogynist. Is it still to say stuff this bad about women ?

    • Be Valiant

      Actually he is actively rooting for the other Delia, Manuel. He pisses off the Nats so much that the next Labour victory will be of 50,000 if Adrian or Frank are not elected

  • J. Borg

    If they think that to beat Joseph Muscat we need another Joseph Muscat, then my reply is “no thanks”.

    I vote PN because I don’t want Joseph Muscat. Give me another one and I won’t vote PN. It’s that simple.

    The best way to completely and utterly destroy the credibility of the PN at this point is to elect Adrian Delia — because it will drive away a substantial following of the PN, and give Joseph Muscat a triple victory (he’s already had the electoral victory and the resignation, en masse, of the PN leadership).

    Doing this will ensure that people like me completely lose confidence in the PN (we’re nearly there already!) for the foreseeable future.

  • Joseph Farrugia

    Manuel Delia , int l-istess wiehed li kont fis-segretarjat ta Austin Gatt?
    Nixtieqek tirrispondijni l-ewwel.

    • Emanuel Delia

      Jien hu

      • joseph farrugia

        Skuzani li ma rispondejt qabel izda kelli impenji familjari .Jekk il PN qieghed fis-siwazzjoni tal llum parti kbira mit-tort hija ghal arroganza li kellu il ministeru li kont fih int kif tratajtu il kwistjoni tal Arriva, l-arroganza kif imxejtu ma tal monti (jien kont nahdem il monti) il mod kif dahlet il VCA, niftakar mara li kienet toghqod barra l-belt cemplitlek fuq il 101 u qaltlek li ghanda lil omma marida li kienet toghqod il belt u kienet tehdilha l-ikel u tahsliha il hwejjeg kulljum literalment bdiet tibki fuq r-radio biex taghmlu koncessjoni ghal nies bhala u int bqajt iebes minhajr sens ta solidarjeta ma din il mara li kelli ncempilek jien li jien mil belt u noghqod barra l-belt u arrgumentajt mieghek li int qatt ma tista tifhem li beltin ghax ma intiex mill belt tant li prezentatur ukoll kien qallek li ghandu jkun hemm koncessjonijiet ghal kazi bhal ta din il mara.

        Dan biex nuru ftit l-arroganza li kellkom u kif kontu titrattaw lil poplu u jiddispjacini nighlek li nies arroganti bhalkom il PN ma ghandux bzonnkom ghax hsara taghmlu u mhux gid biex tkun taf ukoll jien kont ghadejt zmien twiel nahdem fil-PN kemm fil kumitati ezekutiv MZPN u kont gejt arrestat kemm il darba ghal attivita tieghi fil PN l-aktar fil belt ,ghalhekk jiddispjacini ghax dak li bnejna bid-demm taghna nies genwini u li qatt ma stenejna xejn mil partit .

        • Be Valiant

          Kollu minnu

    • Alfred Cassar

      Joseph, irrispondiek, tista tkompli

    • Be Valiant

      Dak hu. Li ghaffeg kollox

      • doreen debono

        You’re hardly valiant, hiding behind a pseudonym, are you? A typical Labour troll. You guys backed Mintoff, KMB and now Muscat, you’ve scraped the barrel, so we hardly need lessons from you. Just continue to plunder this country. But money, however illicitly begotten, won’t alter your redneck status. You’re a bigoted idiot, whom we can see through so clearly. Sod off.

        • Imallem

          You have no idea how Nat I am.

        • Be Valiant

          Actually I am hard core Nat. But very anti Klikka. Very very very

          • doreen debono

            Mela laburist ta’ veru, anzi Mintoffjan.
            Delia and Mintoff have much in common.
            Paranoia reigns supreme: of the establishment, of the free press, of some mysterious hand (id mohbija), of the klikka.

  • Franġiska

    Ma stajtx tispjega ahjar! Mhemmx li n-nies jifthu mohhom u jaraw id-dawl.!

    • Be Valiant

      I’d dawk ghamik. Attention hemm hajt Ohxon tal Konkos quddiemek u int diehel dritt ghal go fieh

  • Be Valiant

    It takes a loser of exceptional quality to continue to defend this woman. So exceptional that losing has become an addiction that he cannot live without. L

    • C. Brincat

      The woman has absolutely nothing to do with the above, didnt you read the article.

      • Be Valiant

        Explain it to me then

        • C. Brincat

          Why dont you try reading the article, twice three times if need be.