This is a BBC radio documentary on Malta’s passport scheme in which:

  • Identity Malta CEO Jonathan Cardona admits flat out the great bulk of passport procurers never invested anything in the country.
  • Henley and Partners MD Christian Kaelin explains his target market for Maltese passports is investors with business interests in the EU who use their Maltese passports to avoid needing work permits to travel in Italy or the Netherlands say. Nothing to do with investment in Malta of course.
  • The reporter visits a shabby dump rented out to Russian retail tycoons who clearly rented a property they never mean to visit, in the process artificially pushing up property prices for local people who need a roof over their heads.
  • A naturalised Maltese citizen expresses outrage others have acquired the status of being Maltese without earning it from years of loyalty and hard work like she did.
  • A Yemeni war refugee whose family was rich enough to purchase Maltese citizenship speaks about her good fortune in being allowed in by Malta (for several hundred thousand dollars) while her friends are still stuck in their war-torn mother country.