La Repubblica: Thousands march for Daphne

2019-10-17T08:42:36+02:00Thu, 17th Oct '19, 08:42|

Photo: Reuters in La Repubblica "Never has there been a more wretched bet than when someone thought the memory of the Bidnija car bomb of 16 October 2017 would fade with time." Read La Repubblica's coverage of last night's protest march here.

What the Americans said

2019-10-17T13:27:32+02:00Thu, 17th Oct '19, 07:52|

Of all the speeches, of all the statements, of all the tweets – and there were many, all critical of our government’s conduct since the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia – one stood out above all others. The remarks by the US embassy were, quite frankly, staggering. The thing with embassies is they are as [...]


2019-10-17T07:23:28+02:00Thu, 17th Oct '19, 07:23|

Some people told us they meant to join us yesterday evening at the demonstration in Valletta but decided not to because they felt offended by Helene Asciak, Daphne Caruana Galizia’s youngest sister, telling Adrian Delia and a delegation of PN suits where to stuff their funereal wreath. And drawing a picture for them when they [...]

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