GUEST POST: How convenient

2019-10-20T09:44:40+02:00Sun, 20th Oct '19, 09:44|

What an amazing coincidence. MaltaToday, that paragon of journalistic endeavours, lent its ear to an anonymous “veteran judge” who felt that some words of wisdom should be dispensed on the case that Repubblika have made against the recent appointments to the judiciary. Some context is probably useful, lest the populist rubbish spewed by the judge [...]

Courage, your honour.

2019-10-20T11:34:24+02:00Sun, 20th Oct '19, 09:40|

An unidentified judge speaks today to Malta Today’s Matthew Agius and says Repubblika’s case in court challenging the method of appointing judges is ‘demoralising’. It’s remarkable that the judge does not say Repubblika is wrong. For a judge, there is in their arguments a gaping absence of legal objection to Repubblika’s arguments in court. That [...]

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