Stand by your man

2019-10-31T12:51:51+01:00Thu, 31st Oct '19, 12:51|

Instead of speaking about hundreds of millions of euro paid out to VGH and to Steward Health Care taken from the national health service budget while cancer patients fighting for their very lives beg for charity from the Community Chest Fund, we spent the last 24 hours wondering what was in Ivan Camilleri’s check-out trolley [...]

UPDATED: Ure jelisss

2019-11-02T07:53:00+01:00Thu, 31st Oct '19, 11:11|

Updated 02.11.2019 07:50 Adds MGA's reply Schoolyard retorts are a thriving industry in this mediocre country of self-delusion. We take criticism as well as feudal kings and we'd throw our critics in the crocodile pit if we had one. The UK gaming regulator Neil McArthur echoed the complaints of other European law enforcement and regulating agencies [...]

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