Here goes Justin again

2019-10-28T15:17:45+01:00Mon, 28th Oct '19, 15:17|

I don’t like Justin Schembri. That’s ok. I imagine the feeling is mutual. I’ve bashed him before for his Facebook behaviour which he would then try to spin and justify. Today he celebrated Matteo Salvini’s win in Umbria. Although he will probably retract it again, after some half-blinded apparatchik at PN HQ makes him, Justin [...]

LONG READ: 416 bis

2019-10-28T11:16:57+01:00Mon, 28th Oct '19, 09:08|

The trial of Daphne Caruana Galizia's assassins is no ordinary trial. It’s a mafia trial. Just because we don’t call it that in our law, does not mean it isn’t. Something is or isn’t independently of whether the law says so though of course the law needs to say so if something is to be [...]

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