You want one reason why the PN is polling like a fringe party?

2019-10-06T16:02:25+02:00Sun, 6th Oct '19, 16:02|

Today some major news emerged about the most heinous political crimes to be committed in Malta in decades. The Sunday Times quotes sources in the investigation confirming once and for all "Daphne was killed because of her work". There is evidence that the investigation has been held back by government interference. And yet, the only [...]

Council of Europe rapporteur asks: Why are there no arrests?

2019-10-06T15:52:59+02:00Sun, 6th Oct '19, 15:50|

The rapporteur appointed by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to monitor what is happening in Malta has tweeted his reaction to story in the news media today published in The Sunday Times on this website. And he asks the question that only the authorities can, and must answer. What we have learnt [...]

Daphne’s assassination: An inch closer to the truth

2019-10-06T13:07:34+02:00Sun, 6th Oct '19, 13:07|

The Sunday Times’s story this morning is very important and deserves analysis. We must think about why we’re reading the story now. The assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia happened two years ago. A year ago Michael Farrugia gave, then retracted, the information that the police had identified suspects who were behind the order to the [...]

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