GUEST POST: The businessman’s friends

2019-10-08T12:16:55+02:00Tue, 8th Oct '19, 12:16|

I've been saying for quite a while now - and can dig up at least one article to prove it - that my long held suspicion regarding Daphne Caruana Galizia's killer was that it was indeed a businessman responsible. If so, there are huge and dangerous implications for politics, even if politicians were not directly [...]

GUEST POST: Nothing to hide

2019-10-08T12:57:40+02:00Tue, 8th Oct '19, 12:12|

Sent in by someone known to me. Following last Sunday's revelations, Pieter Omtzigt asked a very pertinent question. Why did the government refuse to strike a deal with one of the suspected murderers? This would have been the reply expected from someone with nothing to hide: 'I will do anything in my power to uncover [...]

Sceptical about pentiti

2019-10-08T09:20:34+02:00Tue, 8th Oct '19, 08:09|

The prime minister’s remarks yesterday betray more than he intended. The formal cover is that he doesn’t know the details of the Daphne Caruana Galizia assassination investigation. The police operate independently of the executive, he says, and he cannot and does not interfere. And yet that is not entirely true. Consider for example the point [...]

14-15 October: Another book launch

2019-10-08T11:53:37+02:00Tue, 8th Oct '19, 06:30|

Italian journalist Roberto Saviano will be launching an anthology of works by Daphne Caruana Galizia that have been translated to Italian. The book will be the first of a series curated by Roberto Saviano and will carry a foreword by him. The book is being launched in Milan on 14 October and in Rome on [...]

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