The lawyers you pay

2019-10-13T18:07:28+02:00Sun, 13th Oct '19, 18:07|

This morning’s report in The Sunday Times (see below) about how Joseph Muscat reacted after he, his wife, his assistant and two of his ministers received uncomfortable questions ahead of the book that comes out tomorrow, is important. It shows a prime minister who has learnt nothing and refuses to learn anything. Our letters were [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: All concerned deny any wrongdoing

2019-10-13T08:45:51+02:00Sun, 13th Oct '19, 08:45|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "The smoke clears and the rubble buried under the deafening noise of the explosion that killed her becomes more distinct. Through the morass of obfuscation, the ugliness of it all is becoming clearer. "It’s starting to make sense. "They sought to look like the innocent flower but [...]

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