THE SUNDAY TIMES: They call it Socialism

2019-10-27T07:58:49+01:00Sun, 27th Oct '19, 07:58|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Before 2013, Labour never said anything about privatising public hospitals, a socialist anathema. Socialists are averse to privatising anything, let alone the national health service, the levelling equaliser for a fair society. Privatised hospitals providing free public healthcare cost public funds one and a half times more [...]

Chief Justice, drive down to prison now

2019-10-27T07:51:23+01:00Sun, 27th Oct '19, 07:50|

The Sunday Times’ report of this morning about scenes out of 19th century plantation abuse of black people within our very own prison is paradoxically both unsurprising and shocking. More than a hundred people were arraigned in court charged with the violence of last week inside the concentration camp they were locked up in. The [...]

This is what citizenship means

2019-10-27T07:50:57+01:00Sun, 27th Oct '19, 07:18|

Luca Perrino, president of Leali delle Notizie, unveiling Ronchi's new Freedom Bench in the town's main square yesterday. Ronchi dei Legionari is a provincial town the size of Żurrieq. It is home to an NGO that has about 50 signed up members called ‘Leali delle Notizie’ (loyal to the news) that got a [...]

Matthew Caruana Galizia made honorary citizen of ‘press freedom capital’

2019-10-27T07:51:42+01:00Sun, 27th Oct '19, 06:33|

Sandro Ruotolo, Paolo Borrometi and Marilena Natale -- journalists protected by armed guards because of threats from subjects of their investigations -- with Matthew Caruana Galizia yesterday after he was made honorary citizen of Ronchi dei Legionari. Matthew Caruana Galizia was granted honorary citizenship by the north-east Italian town of Ronchi dei Legionari [...]

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