Ryan Mercieca sent in this answer to this earlier post. As usual comments under a Right of Reply statement will not be posted.

Dear Mr. Delia,

Hope this email finds you well.
First of all, let me take the opportunity to thank you for your journalistic work and fight against corruption.
With reference to your article published in relation to my nomination for the casual election of the 13th district  Kindly find the right of reply for immediate publication:
Below are a number of facts that have been ignored.
1) I have never lied to the court under oath and even when not under oath.
2) Never presented a forged signature in any of the documents presented.
3) Never be part of any false or non-existing NGO.
4) Never been found guilty of any wrongdoing in court or outside and have clean police conduct.
5) With regard to the allegation of plagiarism, the case is still ongoing and will limit my comment on the fact that one cannot be accused of plagiarism if he never presented the work in the first place.
6) With regards to the forged document in relation to the libel case, this document was confirmed under oath and an affidavit by the person responsible for such a document. Thus, the original document was never in my possession nor I was responsible to issue such a document. The truth is that I had no reason to doubt the genuineness of such a document and was mislead.
I remain available to meet with your good self if you need any further clarification or facts.
Kind regards,
In the meantime I asked Ryan Mercieca if he intends to file his nomination for the upcoming casual election. This was his response:
I shall be making my decision on the submission or otherwise of my nomination for the casual election following the passing away of the Hon. Frederick Azzopardi in the coming days.