GUEST POST: Bobby’s march of folly

2021-07-09T15:32:10+02:00Fri, 9th Jul '21, 15:32|

The title is plagiarised. ‘The March of Folly’ is a book by the American historian Barbara Tuchman. It examines how historical governments and administrations insisted on pursuing policies that were clearly contrary to their self-interest. The leaders of Troy; the Renaissance Popes whose ostentatiousness led to the Protestant Schism and Reformation; British policy in the [...]

GUEST POST: The Covid Fiasco

2021-07-09T14:49:49+02:00Fri, 9th Jul '21, 14:49|

Sent in by a reader. Some think of Chris Fearne as a saviour of the Maltese race. It must be the fact that our expectations of Labour politicians are so low, that their best politicians rank high in the mindset of some. For those of us who know what standards mean, Chris Fearne is a total failure. [...]

The futility of it all

2021-07-09T09:15:06+02:00Fri, 9th Jul '21, 08:19|

I’d cheer journalists that feel they need to defy authorities who attempt to punish them for not doctoring their reporting the way the authorities would like them to. But Norma Saliba, who heads the national TV newsroom, is no journalist. She is a propagandist of the Labour Party placed there precisely because she is a [...]

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