Here’s Repubblika’s message to Angelo Gafà

2021-07-21T14:56:31+02:00Wed, 21st Jul '21, 14:48|

This is a translation of Robert Aquilina's speech yesterday outside Police Headquarters. It was intended for an audience of one: the police chief. But you can read it as well. Scroll down for a video. From that tragic day, 16 October 2017, to today, we have come before the Police General Headquarters several times. We [...]

It feels good to know John Dalli will read this post

2021-07-22T20:53:47+02:00Wed, 21st Jul '21, 13:47|

In 2013, Angelo Gafà recommended to his superiors in the police force that John Dalli is charged with trading in influence and bribery. A charge sheet was drawn up and filed in a recommendation to the police chief, at the time John Rizzo, who agreed that John Dalli should be charged. This website is privy [...]

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