GUEST POST: The responsibility of the independent media

2021-07-01T19:05:49+02:00Thu, 1st Jul '21, 19:05|

When I refer to O&N (One & Net) I refer in very broad terms to all bodies and strategies which contribute to the outward faces of Malta’s major political parties. It is no secret that O&N continually fail the electorate by undermining its capacity to make informed choices about its own future. What might be [...]

GUEST POST: License to advise

2021-07-01T17:25:36+02:00Thu, 1st Jul '21, 17:25|

Sent in by Gaius. Everyone needs someone qualified to assist them in a legal matter at some point in their life. One may require having their interests defended in Court, or they may require simple advice on a particular legal point. Whatever it may be, they rely on the qualifications and the professional standards of [...]

GUEST POST: Denial is not just a river in Egypt

2021-07-01T17:15:16+02:00Thu, 1st Jul '21, 17:15|

The title is borrowed from Mark Twain. Last Wednesday, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) published its decision to grey-list Malta, thus putting it on the same scale as Zimbabwe, Syria, Uganda and Sudan. Malta is the first member state of the European Union to be added to the money-laundering grey-list which could cause serious [...]

LONG READ: The purgatory of the unwanted

2021-07-01T16:15:09+02:00Thu, 1st Jul '21, 16:15|

In November 2019, I wrote to Michael Farrugia, then minister for home affairs, asking to visit detention centres operated by the government to detain migrants. He ignored me. He was busy accusing Repubblika activists of sedition at the time. A few weeks later, a new prime minister moved him away and replaced him with Byron [...]

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