International/European Federations of Journalists join IĠM to denounce disinformation, intimidation

2021-08-31T16:25:54+02:00Tue, 31st Aug '21, 16:25|

This statement was issued this afternoon by the International and the European Federation of Journalists. Photo by STRINGER / AFP In recent days, several Maltese journalists and media outlets have been victims of online spoofing in what appears to be a major campaign to spread disinformation and discredit those who are targeted. The International and [...]

Council of Europe platform logs alert on disinformation campaign

2021-08-31T15:16:11+02:00Tue, 31st Aug '21, 15:16|

The Council of Europe's platform to promote the protection of journalism and safety of journalists has today logged an alert on the spoofing campaign against this website, NGO Repubblika, and news website describing it as an act having chilling effects on media freedom. The platform is coordinated with the Council of Europe's partners the European [...]

European press freedom network concerned with Malta disinformation campaign

2021-08-31T13:48:52+02:00Tue, 31st Aug '21, 13:48|

The following statement was issued today by ARTICLE 19, the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF), the International Press Institute (IPI), and OBC Transeuropa (OBCT): Cartoon by Miriam Galea. The partner organisations in the Media Freedom Rapid Response (MFRR) are highly concerned about attempts to spread disinformation and discredit Maltese journalists and bloggers who write [...]

Media, civil society endorse tonight’s protest

2021-09-01T08:24:58+02:00Tue, 31st Aug '21, 09:11|

Several local media organisations and NGOs have endorsed tonight's protest in Valletta in solidarity with journalists and activists called by Repubblika, #occupyjustice, and this website for 18:30 in Castille Place. The endorsing organisations are: Newsbook, The Malta Independent, Illum, Net News, Malta Today,, Sidestreet, KSU, SOS Malta, Aditus - Accessing Rights, PEN Malta and [...]

Thus spake Robert Abela

2021-08-30T16:12:41+02:00Mon, 30th Aug '21, 16:00|

“These acts are not only condemnable but have no place in society.” That was a categorical concluding remark by Prime Minister Robert Abela in a short statement this morning reacting to the fake emails and websites that have been circulating for a week now. That statement was something many of us have been hoping for. [...]

Fight for your right to be informed

2021-08-30T09:01:27+02:00Mon, 30th Aug '21, 09:01|

I am sincerely grateful for all the messages of support, sympathy, and solidarity that I have received over the last few days. I admit I was close to buckling under the pressure. I am not immune to intimidation. I am sincerely grateful to journalists and media managers from several media houses who did not wait [...]

GUEST POST: Disinformation Techniques #1: Just Asking Questions

2021-08-30T09:27:36+02:00Mon, 30th Aug '21, 09:00|

Here’s an article by Simon Mercieca. In this article, Mercieca pretends to ask some needling questions. Is it true that Repubblika pays Manuel Delia €30,000 a year? What is Manuel Delia’s source of income? Where is Repubblika getting its finances? Is it true that Repubblika rents property from Manuel Delia’s wife? Answers to most of these [...]

Fake websites down; Fake Bernard Grech emails in circulation

2021-08-30T08:06:58+02:00Mon, 30th Aug '21, 08:05|

Fake websites designed to fool readers into thinking they're on, or other news media websites including Newsbook, TVM, Net News, Lovin Malta, and, are this morning inaccessible and appear to have been struck down. Several website owners including myself have taken measures to attempt to push back on the act of deceit and [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: The weapon of deep fake

2021-08-29T08:21:23+02:00Sun, 29th Aug '21, 08:21|

From my article in today's The Sunday Times: "I am by no means the only journalist or activist to be targeted for isolation and to be discredited with lies. I’m sorry that this piece is going to be about me. Firstly, because my job is not to write an extended autobiography but to write about [...]

LETTER: Je me souviens

2021-08-29T08:17:35+02:00Sun, 29th Aug '21, 08:17|

Over the last few rocky days I got many messages of friendship and support from my nearest and dearest. I also got a few messages of support from people I do not know who are anything but near, but wanted to be. This is one of them. I publish it here out of gratitude. Dear [...]

GUEST POST: We will not be silenced

2021-08-29T08:00:52+02:00Sun, 29th Aug '21, 08:00|

‘Journalists in Malta still remain at tremendous risk.’ Rebecca Vincent of Reporters Without Borders didn’t mince her words at the press conference the day after the publication of the Public Inquiry Report. She was emphatic about the dangers to journalists in Malta whose work is carried out in a hostile climate where harassment and threats [...]

GUEST POST: Echoes from Pembroke pastures

2021-08-29T07:37:41+02:00Sun, 29th Aug '21, 07:37|

The appeal against the Planning Authority (PA) vote of 10 June 2021 approving the second version of the db ITS project at Pembroke has been presented to the Environment & Planning Review Tribunal (EPRT). The objectors are three local councils: Pembroke, Swieqi and San Ġiljan, 9 NGOs and 10 individuals including Pembroke and Swieqi residents. [...]

GUEST POST: Just disappear, won’t you?

2021-08-29T07:24:31+02:00Sun, 29th Aug '21, 07:24|

The 2019 Corrupt Politician of the Year awardee is trying to make a comeback. He had been hibernating for many a month with his spouse informing us where they were holidaying through Instagram. But Joseph Muscat is too narcissistic to stay away from centre stage and suddenly decided that after more than four years, an [...]

PODCAST: Democracy Derailed?

2021-08-28T16:35:12+02:00Sat, 28th Aug '21, 16:34|

The below podcast is an adaptation of a speech I delivered this morning at the invitation of KSU at the launch of their Erasmus+ project with the title 'Democracy Derailed?' If you prefer, scroll down to read the text of the speech instead. Chair, Mr President, Thank you for inviting me to share some [...]

Beware counterfeit Manuel Delias

2021-08-26T18:23:36+02:00Thu, 26th Aug '21, 18:23|

I’m still digesting it all and trying to deal with this with the police, lawyers and competent authorities so this is not a commentary on the subject. I’ll try to do that as soon as I can get back to work. But someone somewhere is pretending to be me and sending emails that look like [...]

Joe Brincat strikes again

2021-08-23T13:35:35+02:00Mon, 23rd Aug '21, 13:35|

Joe Brincat is on one of his quixotic time-wasting expeditions again. He filed a judicial protest today asking the State’s Advocate to conduct an inquiry into the conduct of the Daphne Caruana Galizia inquiry.  There’s a lot of legal gobbledegook there to make his letter sound important and credible. It’s all a pile of bull [...]

A cigar for Frankie Five Angels

2021-08-23T11:20:53+02:00Mon, 23rd Aug '21, 11:20|

There were many references to Keith Schembri in part two of Joseph Muscat’s interview with Times of Malta, published yesterday. This website’s review of part 1 is linked here. It wasn’t just about Keith Schembri having been his chief of staff, having been exposed for owning the Panama company expecting money from Yorgen Fenech, having [...]

US authorities warn against using pension plans in Malta to dodge American taxes

2021-08-23T09:03:57+02:00Mon, 23rd Aug '21, 09:03|

The Inland Revenue Service of the United States has listed the “potentially abusive use of the US-Malta tax treaty” as one of a “dirty dozen tax scams” warning American tax payers against using “abusive arrangements” to help Americans avoid tax. In a recent statement the IRS said it was “evaluating the issue to determine the [...]

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