Crook’s privilege

2021-07-22T17:05:17+02:00Thu, 22nd Jul '21, 17:05|

I got an unsolicited couple of messages this afternoon from a number I did not recognise. “Have the 60 million become 10 now? Stop being ridiculous.” And “You’d better tell us what you got out of Arriva among others.” That second message would be standard troll fare, but the first message was odd. So, I [...]

Edward’s so-called solutions

2021-07-22T11:59:36+02:00Thu, 22nd Jul '21, 11:58|

We didn’t need a report from the European Commission to tell us the grotesque delays in court proceedings in this country are a threat to the rule of law. Justice delayed is justice denied is here a cliché. Consider the case of the “oil scandal”. On the eve of the 2013 elections, Malta Today exposed [...]

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