Standards in public life? Robert Abela sets a new low.

2021-07-28T13:53:52+02:00Wed, 28th Jul '21, 13:53|

One of Arnold Cassola’s many complaints to Commissioner George Hyzler drew a blank recently. The standards czar was asked to check whether a religious convent built on government land used for paying tourists would have made for a better old people’s home than the one handpicked by Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri, the former Downtown hotel. [...]

Bernard Grech perfectly calibrated the message ahead of the Daphne inquiry report

2021-07-28T09:15:45+02:00Wed, 28th Jul '21, 09:15|

Do read this article by PN leader Bernard Grech on today’s The Malta Independent. Since Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed, the PN’s leaders have struggled to speak on the subject without stings in the tail, mealy-mouthed qualifications, ambiguity, and sometimes actually preferring to side with those protecting and sheltering the killers rather than the victim [...]

This one is for that stooge, Edward Zammit Lewis

2021-07-28T07:52:12+02:00Wed, 28th Jul '21, 07:52|

When 10 days ago I read this article by Edward Zammit Lewis about how “we don’t SLAPP the media”, I wanted to burst. I knew then what his good mate Yorgen Fenech had been plotting to do to me. If a £70 million defamation suit filed by the Tumas Group against me in the UK [...]

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