Malta’s President said today he thinks the Daphne Caruana Galizia inquiry report should start the healing. He parrots Robert Abela’s line from yesterday. Government MPs this morning said they hadn’t bothered to read the report. They couldn’t feel mortification if it was mixed with venom in the fangs of a snake that bit them in their arse.

They refuse to repudiate the past and carry responsibility for it. Therefore, no healing.

President George Vella, please understand. Reports heal nothing. What you do with them might. Carry your responsibility, suffer its consequences and denounce those who do not.

Until you do that, people will continue to think that the fight for justice, our insistence that the findings in the inquiry leave the paper they’re written on and have some consequence in the real world, is the product ta’ setta nazzjonalisti indannati.

An inquiry found that your failure to act when you were meant to, allowed a journalist to be killed.

Look at this short sample of two trolls who wrote to us in the last 12 hours, in full view of anyone, clearly thinking that because they side with Joseph Muscat nobody can touch them.

If you can find a lesson in the inquiry, that is that failure to act when you’re in a position of leadership, allows killers to think they can kill with impunity.

For now, Albert Cassar and Gustav Vassallo are openly and publicly imagining our killing. They think nothing will happen to them as a result. They think so because Robert Abela presides over a government where impunity for his allies is guaranteed and because George Vella presides over a State convicted of responsibility for the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia and still wants to do nothing about it.

There are others, but these two examples should give you an idea of the hatred and the violence used against us.

For now, they’re just publicly imagining our killing.

Can you be sure they’ll stop there?