Edward Scicluna should draw an important conclusion from today’s court decision – Repubblika

2021-09-27T14:06:17+02:00Mon, 27th Sep '21, 13:09|

NGO Repubblika said that today’s court decision clearly shows that Simon Busuttil made a fair comment when he said Edward Scicluna could no longer stay on as Finance Minister after he was made the subject of a magisterial inquiry into his conduct in a money laundering case. Edward Scicluna, together with Chris Cardona and Konrad [...]

Bringing it on

2021-09-27T13:03:42+02:00Mon, 27th Sep '21, 13:03|

Joseph Muscat is bullish about the possibility of the Egrant investigation re-opening. He remains convinced it can’t reach him. That could be because there’s nothing to find and there was never anything to find. It would be because he’s entirely innocent of any wrongdoing, that no matter how deep anyone might look, and no matter [...]

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