So human

2021-09-28T14:38:04+02:00Tue, 28th Sep '21, 14:38|

A man working on a construction site fell two storeys in an accident. Obviously, he got badly hurt. His employer put him in the car and dumped him on the side of the road. The employee fears punishment for working illegally. The employer fears punishment for employing him illegally. Spare me the deep reflections. What [...]

Police tell Fenech I broke no laws reporting bail application. Complaint against Jason Azzopardi also dismissed.

2021-09-28T11:16:18+02:00Tue, 28th Sep '21, 11:16|

The Commissioner of Police has pushed back on a complaint filed earlier this month by Yorgen Fenech who accused Jason Azzopardi and “blogger Manuel Delia” of what he described as “a systematic attack against Judge Giovanni Grixti”. Yorgen Fenech had alleged that reporting on this website and comments made by Jason Azzopardi on his social [...]

With a gun to our head

2021-09-28T09:41:24+02:00Tue, 28th Sep '21, 09:41|

The prime minister says it’s high time to speak about electoral reform. Now he says it. He’s been prime minister since January 2020, an MP since 2017. And the first time he does not merely acknowledge we need reform but earnestly says it is overdue is just a few weeks before the next election, the [...]

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