This, Mr President, is why people can’t do what you’re asking

2021-09-06T15:39:26+02:00Mon, 6th Sep '21, 15:39|

Consider for a moment the reactions by the political parties to the report by the Times of Malta of a company set up by the Labour Party to camouflage donations from Yorgen Fenech as payments for “consultancy”. First, the background. So-called consultancy contracts are entry-level methods of laundering unlawful payments. They’re up there with family [...]

It takes two to tango ta

2021-09-06T11:41:15+02:00Mon, 6th Sep '21, 11:41|

President George Vella has been making public remarks that among other things amount to chastisement for his critics for, as he puts it, spreading the “false impression” that just about everyone in public office is corrupt or somehow compromised and working on behalf of hidden interests. The president expressed sympathy with people in public office, [...]

UPDATED AGAIN: Online disinformation campaign restarts after brief reprieve

2021-09-06T12:26:46+02:00Mon, 6th Sep '21, 09:51|

Updated: Adds comments by IĠM President Matthew Xuereb. (10:36) Updated: Adds nuisance calls made to Christophe Schweiger. (12:00) Emails sent to newsrooms last night purporting to have been sent from Lovin’ Malta’s generic email account include links to a spoof image of the Lovin Malta website carrying an article aimed at discrediting Opposition MP and [...]

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