You will have heard that in the next few days I’m stepping away from the island because of security concerns. I am, as you might imagine, impatient for those concerns to be addressed. My family is here, my home is here, my work is here. So here is where I want to be if I can.

But like everyone I have responsibilities and right now they take me somewhere else if only for a little time.

I just want to clarify something that may have been lost in translation. The safest option is to stop working and to stop writing. I wouldn’t need to go anywhere if I did that. So I’m not going away to stop writing. I’m going away to be able to focus on my work without having to give too much heed to nuisance phone calls in the middle of the night and the sort of noise that is designed to distract me.

Another thing. I’m not alone going through this. Far from it. I’m in the news because of an interview I gave to an Italian website but you know because you read it in the news that there are other journalists, activists, lawyers and state officials that are under a lot of pressure right now and have just as much reason to be concerned. I can do my work remotely for some time which is a relative advantage. They can’t.

So don’t worry about me. Worry about them. Stick together. Right now there are many cornered rats that are realising their hubris was unjustified. But they will go down. This too will pass.

And I’m going to be back here as soon as I can. In the meantime, this blog goes on.