The woman inside

2022-04-11T21:24:17+02:00Mon, 11th Apr '22, 11:38|

Aaron Farrugia’s first steps as infrastructure minister are attracting close scrutiny as he adapts to the big chair occuppied for the last five years by his predecessor in the infrastructure ministry, Ian Borg. Aaron Farrugia’s very first engagement since his surprise promotion to the “super ministry” last week was a visit to the offices of [...]

A president being made

2022-04-11T10:34:43+02:00Mon, 11th Apr '22, 10:34|

Evarist Bartolo has started campaigning for the presidency to replace George Vella when that other Labour Party veteran retires for good. He hasn’t said so, not least because he only really needs to convince the prime minister and the leader of opposition of his suitability for the post. Whatever he plans to do in private [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Cain travels on Abel’s passport

2022-04-11T08:50:53+02:00Mon, 11th Apr '22, 08:50|

From my article in yesterday's The Sunday Times: "How would we feel if Orban decided to grant Hungarian citizenship to indicted Russian war criminals and they showed up at our airport, sashaying through the Schengen corridor with a Diner’s Club Card and a lease agreement for some waterfront property? "By Malta’s interpretation of the exclusive [...]

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