A brown underclass

2022-04-25T12:13:27+02:00Mon, 25th Apr '22, 12:13|

Read this story on Times of Malta about South Asian bikers delivering your Bolt/Wolt food orders. They are overworked and underpaid. They don’t have enough time to rest. They’re made to pay for their employer’s business costs. If they want to keep up their income they must work even if they’re sick. The job is [...]

Unproven wrongdoing

2022-04-25T10:12:44+02:00Mon, 25th Apr '22, 10:12|

Bernard Grech’s most trusted adviser, Ray Bezzina, moved to the dB group to work for the construction magnate. If I’m honest the actual job move didn’t shock me. This country is pathologically (and mistakenly) averse to career political operatives and has a keen appetite for chopping heads. Ray Bezzina had no realistic hope of keeping [...]

The people also voted for an Opposition

2022-04-25T09:56:37+02:00Mon, 25th Apr '22, 09:56|

Someone asked me yesterday if I had read the interview Bernard Grech gave Times of Malta before writing my article published on the same edition of the newspaper. I hadn’t. But if my piece sounded like a reaction to the PN leader’s interview it’s only because immediately the general election result was out, Bernard Grech [...]

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