Will no one protect us?

2022-04-21T12:12:28+02:00Thu, 21st Apr '22, 12:12|

The EU prosecutor briefed MEPs today about Member States’ ability and willingness to punish fraud and corruption using EU money. She has reasons to be frustrated. Denmark is not obliged to comply with the rules. A few countries have not signed up to allow the EU prosecutor to investigate their affairs. One of those countries, [...]

Asking for a stork

2022-04-21T10:20:35+02:00Thu, 21st Apr '22, 10:20|

If we have animal welfare laws, it’s because we have decided to grant animals rights. They have a right to welfare. If they are going to be eaten, we are to kill them “humanely”, that is without unnecessary cruelty. If they are going to be held captive as pets, we are to feed them and [...]

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