Shower head

2023-03-01T15:34:42+01:00Wed, 1st Mar '23, 15:34|

Joseph Muscat was irritated by Robert Aquilina’s visit to his state-provided office this morning. Nobody likes to be told their proper place is serving time. But if Robert Aquilina said Pope Francis’s place was in prison, the absurdity of the notion would be such that Pope Francis would ignore it. Replace Pope Francis with anyone [...]

A Matryoshka doll of injustices

2023-03-01T09:41:28+01:00Wed, 1st Mar '23, 09:41|

Read this report of a court decision by Judge Joanne Vella Cuschieri yesterday that found that landlords of three interconnected properties in Isla are victims of the state because they have not been allowed to enjoy their property. The court has ordered the state to compensate them for their suffering. The report will give you [...]

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