It’s the corruption, stupid

2023-03-12T08:13:36+01:00Sun, 12th Mar '23, 08:13|

For 10 years Joseph Muscat worked on the assumption people would not care about their politicians’ corruption as long as the going was good. You see, here’s how Alfred Sant’s logic on The Sunday Times is upside down. In his effort to excuse his party, on which, incredibly, he still depends to keep his job [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: End of the socialist affair

2023-03-12T07:16:00+01:00Sun, 12th Mar '23, 07:16|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Socialism and the socialist tradition do not have the monopoly of concern for the public good. The notion of public space and collective interest is older than monarchies, let alone socialism. But I’m not going into a debate here about the nuances of political history. The point I [...]

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