Small mercies

2023-03-21T12:22:01+01:00Tue, 21st Mar '23, 12:22|

Sometimes, amid the depressing immutability of our situation, there are brief moments of temporary delight, cool pecks on the cheek like memories of mother’s comforting kisses. I remember reading about the taped conversation between Yorgen Fenech and Melvyn Theuma while they were discussing nervously the crowds gathering in Valletta. What pleasure it was to hear [...]

Is Robert Abela still disgusted?

2023-03-21T09:05:50+01:00Tue, 21st Mar '23, 09:05|

In June 2020 Robert Abela had been Prime Minister for less than 6 months. That’s when news broke that within a 3-week flip Enemalta poured nearly €5 million into Yorgen Fenech’s pockets to broker a deal worth less than half of his commission. That was the Montenegro windfarm scandal. Robert Abela was still trying to [...]

GUEST POST: A pack of cards and a pack of thieves

2023-03-21T09:02:48+01:00Tue, 21st Mar '23, 09:02|

Friday the 24th of February 2023 is marked as the day of criminals. It was the date of the landmark judgement in the case instituted by MP Adrian Delia against the criminals who lay behind the planned and executed fraudulent deal between members of the cabinet of the Maltese government led by Joseph Muscat and [...]

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