Have the government tried governing?

2023-03-13T07:51:33+01:00Mon, 13th Mar '23, 07:51|

Read this report in Times of Malta of a court decision ordering the state to pay compensation to the owners of a warehouse that rented it out in 1976 and have since collected a pittance in rent until the tenant stopped paying them. As a result of 1979 laws, that still needed to take into [...]

Now he wants to shut the stable door

2023-03-13T07:07:33+01:00Mon, 13th Mar '23, 07:07|

After days and weeks of ignoring the question hoping it would go away, Robert Abela, perhaps shaken to his core by yesterday’s Malta Today poll, undertook to get out of Steward the money they were paid to repair the hospitals which they didn’t spend as they promised. The fact it took him so long to [...]

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