Judging oneself

2023-03-30T07:55:40+02:00Thu, 30th Mar '23, 07:55|

Image: The Malta Independent Joseph Cuschieri’s response to the long-delayed publication of an internal report that found what we’ve known since his trip to Las Vegas at Yorgen Fenech’s expense was discovered was not simply that he had done no wrong. His response was that he didn’t think he had done wrong and [...]

GUEST POST: Qatra Qatra

2023-03-30T07:08:21+02:00Thu, 30th Mar '23, 07:08|

The culture of impunity and bribery experienced during the Joseph Muscat-Konrad Mizzi-Keith Schembri epoch continues. With Robert Abela the drops keep filling the accounts of many in the same spirit. The Prime Minister himself has admitted receiving rental income from an invisible tenant waiting to receive a Maltese Passport to launder moneyacross the EU. Abetting [...]

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