There are those who have alleged that our Prime Minister was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. What he definitely has in his mouth is his foot.

‘I have no right to try and condition or interfere with the ongoing investigative process’ were his words quoted by a local newspaper in reference to the magisterial inquiry into the hospitals deal.

Reassuring words one might think. Bleeding obvious was my reaction and the probable reaction of anyone with a basic understanding of how a democracy should function. The executive branch of government has absolutely no business interfering with the independent actions of the judicial branch.

But the very fact that he felt that they had to be said probably means one of two things. Either such interference has been present in the past and he wishes to assure all and sundry that he’ll keep his fingers out of the pie this time around. Or he is recognising just how close to the bone this inquiry may cut and wants to project an image of honesty and innocence.

Whatever the case, perhaps Abela should embrace the words of Mahatma Gandhi, ‘Speak only if it improves upon the silence’. How about giving us citizens answers when these are due and not indulging in endless court battles, paid for with our own taxes, to restrict our access to information? And maybe keeping his mouth shut when the obvious is staring him in the face.