Statement by #occupyjustice

On Tuesday, #occupyjustice staged a protest outside Castille to draw attention to the fact that, in spite of recent revelations regarding the Egrant Inquiry and all the dirty manoeuvres by Pilatus Bank officials and employees, there hasn’t been so much as a peep of action from the Floriana Police Depot or the Attorney General’s office.

Whilst they’re dragging their feet and coming up with excuses to justify their inaction, making sure that justice is delayed, criminals roam free and are gifted years of a head-start to cover their tracks. It seems that our institutions are spinelessly hell bent in protecting fraudsters and corrupt individuals, instead of investigating them.

Might we remind Minister Clyde Caruana that, on 1st November 2019, he pledged to make available all necessary resources should there be “a request” to reopen the Egrant Inquiry. That request was made, by Magistrate Ian Farrugia who called for it to be reopened. The Attorney General was legally obliged to comply with Magistrate Farrugia’s order. Instead, this was ignored – not that we’ve come to expect better from this office.

Well, here we are, making the request again. We’re also demanding that, this time round, the terms for the Inquiry are not drafted by the prime suspect in the case. It is laughable that this happened in the first place.

The contempt with which the government has treated the Maltese people for these past ten years is unprecedented, using its privilege and power to shield those who should have faced justice years ago. All this makes us wonder as to who is really pulling the strings.

The reopening of the Egrant Inquiry is long overdue. You should be beyond ashamed of yourselves for ignoring this. History will not be kind to you for betraying those you were duty bound to serve and protect.  Take action or resign.