So the Court of Appeals has pronounced itself on the Vitals/Steward Case, finding that, as everybody with half a brain cell knew, the whole deal was based on fraud. The ruling went further than that of the lower court, finding evidence of active collusion on the part of the Government officials involved.

In addition, the Court awarded costs not only against Steward, but also against the Government, making every single taxpayer financially liable for the nefarious conduct of those charged with managing our country.

And yet, just a couple of weeks ago, I had the dubious pleasure of watching Keith Schembri carrying his permanent sneer down Republic Street in Valletta. No doubt Konrad Mizzi is flashing his awkward grin in some corner while burbling like an idiot savant and mentally masturbating about just how clever he is. And King Rat? Well, he’s probably busy sharing videos of his wife while she pretends to be a modern-day Cleopatra.

In the meantime, Angelo Gafa, a man who was inadequate as a subaltern in the Armed Forces of Malta but has reached the dizzy heights of Commissioner of Police, sits on his hands. A few petty thieves are convicted to convince the public that he is doing his job but the big fish continue to swim free.

The nation’s highest court has just confirmed that 400 million euro were effectively embezzled, those responsible are walking free: are we going to continue to put up with this?