Robert Aquilina has been repeatedly asking, even through his lawyer, for protection for himself and for his family. The Police Commissioner, who has been well aware of the threats Dr Aquilina has been receiving, should have ordered this protection without being asked. And there weren’t only threats. There has been an attempt of forced entry into his home, which the police have confirmed themselves; he is being followed; and he also received a message from a Libyan person on the instructions of a Maltese businessman (whom Robert Aquilina named as being close to the Police Commissioner). And yet, no action was taken. No protection was provided.
Robert Aquilina is a Maltese citizen and a social activist who is going above and beyond. He is facing and fighting the monster with strong conviction, dedication, determination, and self-sacrifice. As President of Repubblika, he has proven to be a true and inspiring leader; a man of integrity; a man whose love for his country can be seen and felt. He is the one who is defending the country from and seeking justice for the corruption and sleaze that our country has been drowning in for the last years. And he is doing this at a cost. A big cost.
What is happening is a stark reminder of what we have already seen. The intimidation does not come just from the threats Robert Aquilina has been receiving, but the isolation, being left alone without protection, facilitates this intimidation and paves the way for more. And the fact that this isolation comes from those who are meant to defend and protect us citizens, makes the situation even more dangerous.
Robert Aquilina, you are not alone. Many people are behind you, backing you and supporting you and what you do. You are a true fighter. You excel in what you do and seek no reward. You are always on the frontline, working incessantly. You are an example to us all.