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GUEST POST: ‘We are open in everything’ – A Trip to the American University of Malta

2019-07-07T11:54:32+02:00Sun, 7th Jul '19, 11:54|

Lizzie Eldridge goes under-cover following up her series on this website on the American University of Malta with a little exploration of her own. It is reasonable to expect Adrian Hillman will now post photo ID's of Ms Eldridge at the security guard's desk. You’ve got to wonder which dumb-ass schmuck head PR person had [...]

Did you know we have a national anti-racism policy?

2022-06-16T15:21:58+02:00Thu, 16th Jun '22, 15:21|

I didn’t have the heart to write again about Lassana Cisse today despite the last farewell by his friends at the mosque this morning. I last wrote about the man in this post when I heard his body was finally going to be put on its way back to his mother. I read the coverage [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Everything stays the same

2021-12-19T07:28:09+01:00Sun, 19th Dec '21, 07:26|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "A 2019 EU directive introduced higher standards for European whistleblower protection laws. Since then, the government has ignored repeated and public calls for consultation on the changes. They also ignored the ombudsman who publicly complained he was never consulted when the law assigned to his office responsibilities that [...]

The weed on Parliament’s floor

2021-12-07T10:51:27+01:00Tue, 7th Dec '21, 10:51|

Not everything, I grant you, is useful evidence to support the argument that democracy is eroding. But, I promise you, this is. NGOs, experts, and professionals are turning to the President of Malta urging him to refuse to sign into law the new cannabis liberalisation bill recently approved by Parliament. As elsewhere, I am not [...]

Metro? Wedding cake for life

2021-10-06T11:17:29+02:00Wed, 6th Oct '21, 11:17|

Take a look at all the pulp sales promoting the idea of a metro in Malta. There are exhibitions, websites, videos, and graphics that probably cost what it would cost to buy Thomas the Tank Engine and pay the Fat Controller for a year. What exactly is this campaign achieving? I don’t think we need [...]

GUEST POST: Malta, Uganda, Yemen and Zimbabwe

2021-06-24T09:20:44+02:00Thu, 24th Jun '21, 09:20|

Every country has the government it deserves – Joseph de Maistre Uganda is well-known for the grand-scale theft of public funds corruption involving public officials at all levels of society as well as widespread political patronage systems. Elite corruption in Uganda is through the benefaction system which has been aggravated by foreign aid. Aid has [...]

PODCAST: Choosing between injustices

2021-03-29T13:59:13+02:00Mon, 29th Mar '21, 11:21|

Manuel Delia · Choosing Between Injustices This country needs to learn the truth and the only reliable sources are a bunch of amoral liars. Alfred and George Degiorgio were people one would turn to if one needed someone killed. Vince Muscat was someone killers or bank robbers turned to when they needed a grunt. Melvyn [...]

Owen the Gasbag

2021-02-20T09:15:27+01:00Sat, 20th Feb '21, 09:15|

Take a closer look at Owen Bonnici’s ridiculously headlined article in yesterday’s The Malta Independent accompanied by an equally ridiculous photograph. It should not surprise you, perhaps, but the content is equally ridiculous. I went back to the piece after a friend nudged me to, his sides still aching from the perverse trauma he felt [...]

Adrian Delia’s 500,000 for charity, like everything he’s ever promised, never materialised

2021-02-07T08:37:33+01:00Sat, 6th Feb '21, 16:42|

It must surprise no one, not even, if he could be honest with himself, Adrian Delia, that Adrian Delia’s big cheque for 500,000 euro for the Dar tal-Providenza bounced. I believe the technical term is dishonoured cheque, and how appropriate that adjective is. I would say that the managers, volunteers and beneficiaries of the great [...]

PODCAST: We’ve had our fun with Jason’s pilgrimage.

2020-11-11T09:22:14+01:00Wed, 11th Nov '20, 09:22|

As always, if you prefer to read the article instead of listening to the podcast, scroll down for the transcript. Manuel Delia · PODCAST: We've Had Our Fun With Jason's Pilgrimage Now let’s focus on what matters. Konrad Mizzi spent the night in jail last night because the police are not done asking him questions [...]

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