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GUEST POST: AUM, Alliance of Unadulterated Mafia

2022-08-04T13:58:03+02:00Thu, 4th Aug '22, 10:37|

Let’s just stop pretending that AUM is a university. Newly leaked documents shed further light on its dirty dealings if any more proof was needed that AUM is not and has never been an educational institution. Most of the leaked information has emerged alongside the government’s announcement that public land stolen by the government will [...]

GUEST POST: Michelle Muscat: On Grief and Flippers

2022-07-18T16:19:39+02:00Sun, 17th Jul '22, 10:10|

*WARNING* Contents Include Previously Undisclosed Secret Document Fresh from her claim that she was ‘more sorry’ than Daphne Caruana Galizia’s own family when the journalist was brutally assassinated, Michelle Muscat is now indulging in a public display of grief towards her ‘dear friend’, the wife of Shinzo Abe, the former prime minister of Japan who [...]

GUEST POST: ‘Ullo Bob! Gotta New Motor? (The AUM goes into Top Gear)

2022-06-25T07:08:33+02:00Sat, 25th Jun '22, 07:08|

On Wednesday, the Economy Minister, Silvio Schembri, presented 2 resolutions to Parliament’s National Audit Committee concerning the Żonqor-SmartCity land deal with the American University of Malta, the AUM. Pertaining to Robert Abela’s ‘new vision’ for the ‘university’, this deal is described as ‘giving back the land’ to the people, the catch being that the land [...]

GUEST POST: Putin’s Propaganda School

2022-05-09T08:57:09+02:00Mon, 9th May '22, 08:57|

Anya (not her real name) is 16 years old and lives just outside Moscow. I first met her about a year ago as her online English language teacher. She’s bright, articulate, devours the Russian classics and has also read Orwell’s 1984 which, for her, is ‘about the total control of people by the government’, Big [...]

GUEST POST: The Same Story

2022-03-06T06:20:08+01:00Sun, 6th Mar '22, 06:20|

Barely a week after Russia invaded Ukraine, the journalist John Sweeney gave an interview to Manuel Delia. Sweeney was, and still is, in Kyiv, surrounded by air raids, bombs, gunfire and shelling. Describing his experience of being the first journalist to enter the TV Tower after it was bombed, he speaks of the blood left [...]

GUEST POST: It’s not a government. It’s a crime syndicate.

2022-02-21T11:16:41+01:00Mon, 21st Feb '22, 08:52|

These aren’t my words. This is the title of a piece Daphne Caruana Galizia wrote in February 2017, 8 months before she was brutally assassinated. In this article, she writes: ‘Malta is governed by a crime syndicate, and the first thing that crime syndicate set about doing, when it achieved its suspiciously-funded objective of getting [...]

GUEST POST: The American University of Malta Goes Remote

2022-01-14T17:13:41+01:00Sat, 15th Jan '22, 09:30|

Covid restrictions have had an impact on pretty much everything. Most, if not all, universities across the globe moved from face-to-face to online teaching. The University of Malta is home to 11,850 students on a range of 930 courses, including 1,242 international students from 119 different countries. Nevertheless, and in line with many other educational [...]

GUEST POST: Dear Anġlu Farrugia

2021-11-26T06:14:01+01:00Fri, 26th Nov '21, 06:14|

This letter was sent directly to Anġlu Farrugia's email address [email protected] in defiance of what his lawyer Ian Refalo described as "proper Parliamentary procedure". You should send him one too. Dear Anġlu Farrugia, In absolute defiance of 'proper parliamentary procedure' and in the best interests of democracy and the rule of law, I'm writing to you [...]

GUEST POST: The Ghost of the American University of Malta Still Lingers on (Part 2)

2021-11-11T10:24:21+01:00Thu, 11th Nov '21, 10:24|

There’s been a ghostly silence since the publication of the first part of this investigation on 23 September, the same month in which the AUM was supposed to have its license renewed. There’s been no further response from Clemson University, supposedly in charge of Quality Assurance services for the AUM as set out in the [...]

GUEST POST: Stand up and be counted

2021-10-29T06:14:35+02:00Fri, 29th Oct '21, 06:14|

Nobody sets up camp outside the Police Headquarters, enduring the wind, rain and unsanitary conditions for 72 hours, for the good of their own health. People tend to prefer their home comforts, don’t they? In Malta, these home comforts have been threatened for a very long time – a reality that came sharply into perspective [...]

GUEST POST: Again and again and again

2021-09-09T14:13:21+02:00Thu, 9th Sep '21, 14:13|

This piece is dedicated to Daphne Caruana Galizia and to her remarkable family who have never stopped fighting for justice. Picture: Seb Tanti Burlo'. With permission. A new day began which was always the same. But not quite. The flowers looked similar, but they were always fresh. The photos were exchanged for other [...]

GUEST POST: We will not be silenced

2021-08-29T08:00:52+02:00Sun, 29th Aug '21, 08:00|

‘Journalists in Malta still remain at tremendous risk.’ Rebecca Vincent of Reporters Without Borders didn’t mince her words at the press conference the day after the publication of the Public Inquiry Report. She was emphatic about the dangers to journalists in Malta whose work is carried out in a hostile climate where harassment and threats [...]

GUEST POST: The bastards must face trial

2021-08-05T09:53:19+02:00Thu, 5th Aug '21, 09:45|

The public inquiry was clear-cut and unequivocal in its findings: the Maltese State is responsible for the brutal assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. The report details a culture saturated in impunity, from its governing politicians to the police force to the judiciary to businessmen to public bodies responsible for safeguarding the interests, needs and very [...]

GUEST POST: How to spot a Criminal Gang

2021-06-03T05:18:44+02:00Wed, 2nd Jun '21, 16:38|

How do you spot a criminal gang when you see one? What sort of crimes come into your head? Drugs, bribery, corruption, extortion, fraud, armed robbery, guns, bombs, money laundering, cryptocurrency, murder? And where do you begin when there are so many pigs at the bloody trough? If all animals are equal but some are [...]

EPOCH: The Assassination of a Journalist in Serenity

2021-05-09T04:33:10+02:00Sun, 9th May '21, 04:33|

This long piece was completed in December 2020 and first published in Epoch No. 2 'Aftermath', Spring 2021 (Epoch Press). Published again here with permission. A journalist is blown to pieces in her car on a road not far from you. Everything is close to everything else on an island full of dust and noise and [...]

GUEST POST: In bed with Nuxellina

2021-02-28T10:29:49+01:00Sun, 28th Feb '21, 10:10|

In between Robert Abela’s macabre murmurings that the institutions are working, a phrase he’s repeated ad nauseum since he began his reign of continuity just over a year ago, let’s not sweep Nuxellina under the table in a brown paper bag. Just because she’s (conditionally) resigned as Parliamentary Secretary for Reforms (pending an investigation) doesn’t [...]

GUEST POST: The Hill We Climb

2021-01-24T09:49:08+01:00Sun, 24th Jan '21, 09:49|

What a hill this is. Four years of witnessing the madness of Donald Trump behaving like a tyrannical emperor who mistook the presidential oath for an evil wand he could wield at his command. We watched insane attempts to build a wall; we watched children separated from their parents; the materialisation of the belief that [...]


2020-09-10T11:33:50+02:00Thu, 10th Sep '20, 11:33|

For weeks now, I’ve had that lingering sickly feeling which just won’t go away. Sartre uses the term ‘nausea’ to describe that sense of dislocation when you realise life is fundamentally meaningless and absurd. In Malta, the absurd has long since become the accepted normality. The head of the Hate Crimes Unit commits these crimes [...]

GUEST POST: What the fuck, Joe?

2020-06-29T09:16:22+02:00Mon, 29th Jun '20, 09:16|

Well, well, well. Joseph Muscat thinks he can just slink off into the Azerbaijani sunset and laze around in a hammock for the rest of his days. The Limestone Cowboy wants to hang up his studs, walk off into the Panama sunset and all will be forgotten. It’s that easy, eh? In Malta, perhaps it [...]

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