Go on. Do your duty.

2017-09-01T16:26:38+02:00Fri, 1st Sep '17, 16:26|

As PN councillors you are entrusted with the responsibility of filtering nominees for the election of the next leader of our party. There has been so much talk bandied about that this candidate or that one should have been prevented from contesting. That there should have been vetting of candidates before the process started and [...]

The populist option

2017-09-01T01:00:02+02:00Fri, 1st Sep '17, 00:09|

Of course it may very well be that at the next Independence Day Adrian Delia will be PN leader. There is no reason to doubt his claim that his support among the grassroots has been galvanized by what he has projected as the establishment’s intervention to attempt to prevent him from taking over the leadership [...]

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