Staying put

2017-09-25T09:39:49+02:00Sun, 24th Sep '17, 23:11|

Kevin Cassar, formerly a general election candidate for the PN, is now an ex-PN member. He resigned in a letter to Assistant General Secretary Jean Pierre Debono made public by Cassar on Facebook. The usual wise guys reacted with a smug “Kevin who?” There is a general attitude from the Adrian Delia loyalists in the [...]

Vulnerable students

2017-09-24T10:26:08+02:00Sun, 24th Sep '17, 10:26|

Gozitan University students are not managing to find affordable housing even as lectures start again next week. In any major city students are vulnerable to unaffordable rent prices but here in Malta most students live with ma and pa. Gozitans do not have that luxury. Commuting daily is impractical and unreliable. At least on weekdays [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Independence of the mind

2017-09-24T09:32:00+02:00Sun, 24th Sep '17, 09:32|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Hours after the election of a leader who railed against The Establishment within the party, the victor becomes The Establishment and writes the official history before it happens. Dissent that was branded liberating in the hands of the rebel is quickly branded treacherous in the hands of [...]

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