Look behind you

2017-09-20T17:50:09+02:00Wed, 20th Sep '17, 20:30|

Malta Today is reporting that people acting on instructions of the party leader have met MP Ivan Bartolo and in seeking to persuade him to quit his parliamentary seat to allow for Adrian Delia’s co-option, offered Mr Bartolo a salaried consultancy position that would make up for the loss of his parliamentary earnings. Malta Today [...]

Triumph of the will

2017-09-20T08:58:05+02:00Wed, 20th Sep '17, 08:58|

It would be reasonable to expect that at tonight’s PN meeting, the new leader announces his path to the office of Leader of the Opposition. Tomorrow is Independence Day and as an official of the state, an occupier of a ranking constitutional title, the Leader of the Opposition participates in the formal ceremonies of the [...]

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